The Brand 


Award winning. Established. Recognized. Endless memories. 
The DJ Ones Event Group
is a carefully curated team of top-rated and in-demand talented professionals that specialize in weddings and private events. We focus on making your wedding and event planning process memorable, and personal – always reaching beyond your expectations. We understand the privilege of playing such an important role of a couple’s special day, our mission is to deliver adrenaline and chills to every dance-floor!

Meet The Team 


Founder | Award Winning DJ |

Master Of Ceremonies| Performer|​Entrepreneur.

His specialty is providing unforgettable

experiences for clients. Raised in the most ethnically diverse place in the world Queens, New York – he understands all types of cultures. Erick knows the importance of entertaining guests and engaging with them by pouring energy into the experience. He has built his reputation by packing dance floors fueled by his passion for producing spectacular events.

Why do I DJ? 

 “For me, it's that moment when I’m

behind my turntables, I look out at the dance floor

just as I drop the next track...The crowd explodes!

That moment of  adrenaline and connection

to everyone in the room is what I LIVE FOR!”




Amanda Rose goes by DJ Mandy. 

She is a pharmacist by day,

DJ with the DJ Ones team by night. She was raised

in NY and is blessed to have taken DJ lessons under the instruction of DJ Esquire at Scratch Academy in NYC.  Amanda recently moved to NC in June of 2019 and is “loving it!”  Amanda has a true passion for what she does and it shows when she is performing.

Why Do I DJ? 

 “I am on a mission which is to share my passion

and joy of music with everyone I meet.

Music defines an event PERIOD!

It is a universal language.” 



Mike- “DJ Mike C”- Is a valuable asset

to the DJ Ones team, he has been DJ’ing throughout

Central North Carolina for over a decade. As an experienced, professional wedding  DJ he understands music is the key to an unforgettable event. Mike has a degree in Broadcasting and Radio, worked as a radio producer for the state-owned public

broadcasting channel, and has been professionally

trained as a DJ. Mike will certainly shine at any event

because of his passion and love

for entertaining guests!



DJ-Shawn relocated to Raleigh, in 2017 to

DJ numerous gigs Downtown. Venues such as

Alchemy Raleigh, Watts & Ward, Halcyon, Proof, as well as Basement Charlotte have felt Shawn’s musical energy.

However, he discovered a need for higher quality and more

personal events. In 2018 he began a residency for DJ ONES. The frequency Shawn emits is a perfect translation of his belief

that music is the universal language that brings people together.

Why Do I DJ? 

“Being a New York native has inspired me to share

organic, deep, melodic and lush uplifting sounds.”



Jonathan, professional DJ/MC,

and a member of the DJ Ones Team!

Jonathan is one of our most requested DJ’s!

His love for music was sparked as a child, when he would watch and listen to his father play the trumpet.

Having started his DJ career at the early age of sixteen he has developed an extensive background in music. Jonathan shines at any event because he gives his 100%; he is a true team player.

Why Do I DJ?

 “For me it’s all about the memories, I love being the guy who brings the energy that creates chills on the dance floor.”



Levi fell in love with music

and dancing at a young age. He grew up

listening to his parents favorite Disco, Motown

and Classic Rock hits and that's where it all started.

In his teenage years he found Hip Hop and loved the way the bass felt and made people move. Levi began making custom mix tapes for friends in High School and naturally started DJing in College.

Why Do I DJ?

 “As a DJ I believe there is a time and place for every genre and style of music and it brings me so much joy to be able to mix any genre to fit the vibe for the occasion. I love the connection I make with people while DJing, getting to see all

the smiling faces and people dancing to the music

I play makes me very happy.”




Adris was Born in the Dominican Republic

and raised in the Bronx, NY. Adris “DJ Shadow”

received a lot of his musical knowledge from his father

who was a musician. This naturally led him to deejaying parties for family and friends nearly 20 years ago. Because of his love

for a wide range of musical genres, he is able to deliver high energy

to ANY dance floor. Bilingual and Bi-cultural this DJ

has what you need for an unforgettable party.

With his charisma and perfect selection of hits,

he is sure to have your dance floor jumping

all night!