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The Brand 


Award winning. Established. Recognized. Endless memories. 
The DJ Ones Event Group
is a carefully curated team of top-rated and in-demand talented professionals that specialize in weddings and private events. We focus on making your wedding and event planning process memorable, and personal – always reaching beyond your expectations. We understand the privilege of playing such an important role of a couple’s special day, our mission is to deliver adrenaline and chills to every dance-floor!

Meet The Team 

JH_07174-large (1).jpg
JH_07174-large (1).jpg

Founder | Award Winning DJ |

Master Of Ceremonies| Performer|​Entrepreneur.

His specialty is providing unforgettable

experiences for clients. Raised in the most ethnically diverse place in the world Queens, New York – he understands all types of cultures. Erick knows the importance of entertaining guests and engaging with them by pouring energy into the experience. He has built his reputation by packing dance floors fueled by his passion for producing spectacular events.

Why do I DJ? 

 “For me, it's that moment when I’m

behind my turntables, I look out at the dance floor

just as I drop the next track...The crowd explodes!

That moment of  adrenaline and connection

to everyone in the room is what I LIVE FOR!”

ERICK EDITED_edited.jpg



Jonathan, professional DJ/MC,

and a valued member of the DJ Ones Team! Jonathan is one of our most requested DJ’s. His love for music was sparked as a child, when he would watch and listen to his father play the trumpet. Having started his DJ career at the early age of sixteen he has developed an extensive background in music. Jonathan shines at any event because he gives his 100%; he is a true team player.

Why Do I DJ? “For me it’s all about the memories, I love being the guy who brings the energy that creates chills on the dance floor.”




Adris was Born in the Dominican Republic

and raised in the Bronx, NY. Adris “DJ Shadow”

received a lot of his musical knowledge from his father

who was a musician. This naturally led him to deejaying parties for family and friends nearly 20 years ago. Because of his love

for a wide range of musical genres, he is able to deliver high energy

to ANY dance floor. Bilingual and Bi-cultural this DJ

has what you need for an unforgettable party.

With his charisma and perfect selection of hits,

he is sure to have your dance floor jumping

all night!

Adris Edit.jpg


Drew Edit.jpg


Drew is a DJ born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Drew's "DJ JustDrew" musical background started in church as a drummer. In 2012 he joined The United States Marines Corps and became influenced by many different genres which led to him wanting to DJ. Drew has DJ/MC events for The U.S. Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Yerevan, Armenia, and a few clubs internationally. His knowledge from different genres and decades allows the youngest and oldest person in the room to have an unforgettable musical experience.

Why do I DJ?

Music is the one language everyone speaks and for a few hours, I get to connect with people by taking them through a musical journey. That feeling is rewarding and I look to create that every time I step behind my turntables.


Ivanny Berrones is a powerful leader, loving wife, dedicated mother, and caring administrator. She prioritizes supporting her husband Erick in all of his pursuits as a partner, a father, and a business owner.

This devotion spills over into the love that she has for the DJ Ones team, and the way that she manages all logistics and administrative work in our office.

Ivanny has been an integral part of Erick's life for 15 years now, and their marriage continues to be the foundation and inspiration of the DJ Ones family.

Ivanny Edit.jpg


Ava Edit.jpg

Ava's innate passion for singing, dancing, and music of all genres has led her to a 10+ years career within the event and entertainment industry. She is a former educator, and prides herself in being thoughtful and understanding.

This truly lends to her hosting and DJing style.

Hailing from a small town in New Jersey, she has only ever lived a few minutes from the metropolitan of Philadelphia. The musical culture there, as well as her multicultural background, is what broadens her horizons regarding a taste for many different genres of music, and a comfort no matter what room she is in.

Why Do You DJ?

As cliche as this phrase is, music is truly the universal language of life.

I will always love the way that a song can put a smile on faces of all ages, races, genders, and everyone in between.

I love the way that DJing allows me to infuse love, understanding, and humanity into any dance floor or celebration.


Autumn Raw.jpeg










Donnae aka DJ Sunny D (because she brings the warmth) is a master of all trades. She is a Fitness and Wellness professional, dancer, entrepreneur and health activist. Donnae was born and raised in the Bahamas and comes from a family of entertainers. She has a passion for mental health, physical health and social change.

Why do I DJ?

DJ-ing is a whole VIBE. For me, it's looking out at diverse groups of people smiling, singing; just enjoying the music and experiencing the nostalgia. I do it because it fills me and I thrive off of making others feel good inside. Music brings people together in a powerful way!

Paul Raw.jpeg







Paul Poppe, aka DJ Paul Poppe, is a Miami born entertainer who has been in the entertainment industry since he used to put on one-man shows for his parents in 4th grade. He is classically trained in theatre, graduating with a degree from the University of Florida, and has sailed around the world hosting game shows, and various other events on 4 different Royal Caribbean ships. Currently, he lives with his wife in Morrisville. His favorite part about DJing is the friends he makes along the way.






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